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Shamed Sluts

Ever suspected your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife was stepping out on you? That your dick wasn’t the only one tickling her insides? From the makers of Teens in the Woods, Latina Patrol, and Operation Escort, comes Shamed Sluts, a site detailing the surveillance of suspected sluts, cumshots and creampies and all.

Trial: N/A  Monthly: $29.95 $14.95 50%
Overall score 80
Quality 10
Quantity 2
Design 7
Updates 5
Exclusivity 10
Downloads 10
Money Value 6
Number of movies 9+
Average length 45 min.
Full Length Yes
Streaming Yes
Download limits No
Watermarks Medium
Formats MP4 (2160p, 1080p, 720p)
Pic sets 9+
Pics per set 120
High res pics Yes
Top Resolution 1600
Slideshows No
Zips No
Watermarks Medium
Model Index No

Shamed Sluts review | Pornography Reviews
Review date – 03/14/2018

Slut shaming entered popular discussion about sexual politics in recent years, a term used to indicate a double-standard that allows men to pursue promiscuity but enslaves women to single sexual partners to avoid social humiliation. Shamed Sluts, then, seems bound for controversy, much like other recently developed Fetish Network ventures. With its unique pseudo-surveillance premise and intense hardcore fucking supplied in HD and UHD videos, Shamed Sluts details the traps set for suspected cheaters, traps that see them pounce on an available dick behind their boyfriends’ backs. With a dominant, taboo element at play and women throwing themselves into wanton hardcore hookups they really know they should be avoiding, this new site delivers some seriously steamy and salacious sex – and could reignite those lingering suspicions about your girl’s social inclinations!


The titular cheating sluts seen here include many of today’s sexiest, sultriest women: Cristi Ann lets a massage turn kinky, gym rat Ashley Adams fucks her trainer, and cheerleader Maya Bijou bravely takes on a whole damn team.

Streaming and downloading in 720p and 1080p, and in 4K Ultra-HD versions offering unbelievable crispness and clarity, Shamed Sluts looks excellent. File sizes are large, yes, but worth every byte if eye-popping detail gets you salivating.

Yet to establish a regular update schedule, Shamed Sluts current offers a small sampling of what is (hopefully) still to arrive here. Powerful narrative scenes with intense sex are always welcome, especially done this well!


So far, with only nine episodes online, Shamed Sluts hasn’t yet proven itself a site that aims to stick around. Other Fetish Network stand alone sites have launched and folded in a matter of months; let’s hope that doesn’t happen to this very promising new take on the loose ladies we love. Plus, as a stand alone site, access is not currently granted into the Fetish Network.

Shamed Sluts offers a premise and execution quite similar to other recently launched Fetish Network sites. Seemingly obsessed with catching women unawares (either by filming them without knowledge, kidnapping, bondage, or generally dominant sex), the network’s new sites are a bit samey.

Some of the scenarios at play lean quite heavily on revenge and humiliation. Obviously, any site called Shamed Sluts will be pushing a few boundaries but some viewers may prefer sex tapes not loaded with talk of eager cheating and shots of simpering boyfriends watching CCTV footage.

Final Word

Fetish Network has a history of creating compelling original porn sites, loading them with a modest archive, then moving on to a newer, fresher idea. How long Shamed Sluts will stay on the active production schedule remains to be seen, as does whether or not it will be produced in one dense multi-month run or be spaced out over a few years. The uncertainty isn’t a great feeling to have as a member, but Shamed Sluts is thankfully one of Fetish Networks best high-end efforts yet. The incredibly rich and detailed 4K streaming and downloadable videos carry a lifelike look slightly enhanced with stronger colors and contrast, making every thrust, slap, spit, and cum expulsion almost as vivid as if you were there. Shamed Sluts does get quite aggressive, sometimes pushing the humiliating and degrading elements too far, at least for some viewers. Sex gets rough and at least one scene involves two active guys spit-roasting Maya Bijou while another guy livestreams it to her BF on a smartphone. It’s heavy duty at times, sure, but the sex is clearly initiated or equally reciprocated by the women, making it a fantasy many potential viewers, both male and female, might find quite thrilling. Nothing new has been added in two months, but we must hold out hope that Shamed Sluts will turn into more than another promising-but-dormant site. It deserves better.

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