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Mr. Skin


Mr. Skin has been capturing celebrity women in various states of undress since long before The Fappening and he’s still at it today! Holding more pics and videos, and featuring more foxy female celebs than ever before, the appeal of Mr. Skin is only getting stronger.

Trial: N/A  Monthly: $30 $5/1st Month 83%
Overall score 92
Quality 8
Quantity 10
Design 10
Updates 10
Exclusivity 6
Downloads 8
Money Value 10
Number of movies 65,588+
Average length 2 min.
Full Length Yes
Streaming Yes
Download limits No
Watermarks Large
Formats MP4 (720p, 540p, 480p)
Pic sets 232773+
Pics per set 6
High res pics Yes
Top Resolution 3000
Slideshows No
Zips No
Watermarks Large
Model Index Yes

Mr. Skin review | Pornography Reviews
Review date – 08/01/2017

Ever since the Internet reached a few homes, in bulletin board form or as fully-formed web pages, people have been circulating celebrity nudes. No single entity has done more to spread the best bits of movies, TV shows, and magazine shoots to every hard-dicked fan of Hollywood hotties than Mr. Skin. Immortalised in everything from CNN newscasts to Time Magazine to a fucking Judd Apatow movie, Mr. Skin is now synonymous with naked celebrity babes. Recently launching an all-male version of its acclaimed and utterly notorious site, Mr. Skin is bigger and better than ever, with more topless and bottomless and otherwise sexually provocative clips, screenshots, and photos of everyone from Katy Perry to Margot Kidder to all those Games of Thrones whores.


Home to a huge and internationally renowned archive of celebrity nudes, nip-slips, skimpy shots, and other tantalising tidbits of pop-culture pseudo-porno, Mr. Skin is as notorious as, say, Demi Moore was in the early-90s, and even more worthy of your attention.

Any site as wide-ranging and extensive as Mr. Skin can quickly become a nightmare to use but this one has thankfully avoided that fate with a detailed yet streamlined navigation system and clear sub-sections for specific viewing purposes.

Mr. Skin doesn’t just bring you nude pics, it also invites you to participate in a thriving online community, read blogs and reviews and articles, and partake of an all-male version of Mr. Skin, if that’s your bag. Also very affordable, Mr. Skin is a damn fine deal.


Mr. Skin’s supplementary content can seem to overwhelm its actual nude shots and vids. It can get in the way of a good solid fap-session in honor of your favourite Hollywood (or Bollywood) starlet.

Image and video quality is much better than it used to be thanks to the advent of HD streaming TV and Blu-Ray releases. That doesn’t mean everything should be assumed to be shown here in HD, though, with SD content arguably making up the majority.

Jokey, even stupid terms for female body parts are in use all over Mr. Skin, arguably one of the greatest pun-making offenders in the history of porn, and they will certainly rub some viewers the wrong way. Are we all Judd Apatow characters?

Final Word

Mr. Skin barely needs an introduction but, recently taken over by Playboy, some might wonder if there’s been a dip in quality and service. Thankfully this reviewer can report that that’s not the case and that Mr. Skin is continuing its reign as absolute ruler of all nude celebrity celebrations. Content quality varies, as always, but there’s so much damn nudity and graphic sex on TV these days that you’ll never find yourself running out of bodies to ogle and characters to fantasize about fucking. Making your way around Mr. Skin is fairly easy and results in many great finds and impressive surprises. This is less an adult website and more a celebrity-focused tabloid cyber-environment in which you’re invited to stroll around and take your pick of thousands upon thousands of incredibly desirable women, all of whom make more money than you.

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