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DDF Network

Trial: N/A Monthly: $49.99 $19.99 ($29.99 rebill)

On his nine-site DDF Network, Denys Defrancesco brings all his niche interests together under one roof, conveniently placing foot fetishism and teenage lesbians side-by-side with bondage, blowjobs, and punishing anal takedowns. Now delivering both 4K and Virtual Reality updates, DDF Network’s future is even brighter than its past.

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98 60%

Hot Legs and Feet

Trial: N/A Monthly: $39.95 $14.99 ($19.99 rebill)

Loading his Hot Legs and Feet website with exclusive foot-focused masturbation, lesbian sex, and hetero hardcore episodes that employ hosiery, nail polish, and 4k Ultra-HD videos that’ll have you throwing your viewing hours into its exclusive twinkle-toed entertainment, Denys Defrancesco proves that sexy lower limbs never loose their appeal.

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96 63%


Trial: $1/2 Days Monthly: $29.98 $14.95 ($29.95 rebill)

During the 90s it really did start to seem like all pornstars were getting their tits inflated, lips botoxed, and their skin pulled taut. “The natural look” was fading but now, thanks in part to sites and networks like 21Naturals completely devoid of surgically enhanced women, its honest, unaffected beauties now reign supreme.

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93 50%


Trial: N/A Monthly: $29.98 $14.95

Lending their talents to a new foot fetishism site from the 21Sextury team, some of Europe’s best erotic photographers now make their home at 21FootArt. Although a fairly new site, 21FootArt won’t wow every foot-lover out there, but those with keenly cultivated taste will be pleased.

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86 50%

More Than Nylons

Trial: N/A Monthly: $29.99 $19.99

Found yourself gazing lustfully at the shiny, stocking-clad legs of co-workers and Googling “sexy girl+tight yoga pants” with increasing regularity, but you haven’t joined a single hosiery fetishism site? Well, not yet. More Than Nylons features beautiful British women posing seductively in all manner of sheer legwear. Why not give More Than Nylons a shot?

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85 33%

Leg Sex

Trial: N/A Monthly: $29.95 $19.95

How many of us are as devoted to lower limbs as we are to tits and ass? Leg Sex aims to find out, producing a wave of HD videos and galleries that detail the ins-and-outs of leg-focused sexual activity from massages to toe-covering cumshots.

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82 33%
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