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Deep Stars 3D

To watch people fuck in believable, realistic 3D video has long been the dream of porn fans around the world. Deep Stars 3D now aims to make that dream a reality with its exclusive collection of hardcore 3D smut that promises to put you right in the scene, feeling every thrust and ever shudder. But […]

Trial: N/A  Monthly: $32.95
Overall score 76
Quality 8
Quantity 2
Design 7
Updates 7
Exclusivity 9
Downloads 7
Money Value 6
Number of movies 13+
Average length 30 min.
Full Length Yes
Streaming Yes
Download limits No
Watermarks Yes
Formats Flash (480p)
MP4, MVC (1080p, 720p)
Pic sets 13+
Pics per set 65
High res pics Yes
Top Resolution 1024
Slideshows No
Zips Yes
Watermarks Yes
Model Index Yes

Deep Stars 3D review | Pornography Reviews
Review date – 08/30/2013

With 3D technology dazzling cinema-goers around the world, it was only a matter of time until adult entertainment embraced the third dimension and those awkward glasses that allow you, the home viewer, to see it. Deep Stars 3D shows you in graphic detail the penetrative hobbies of a dozen gorgeous and eager sluts. What say you, porn fan? Are you ready to strap on those two-colored glasses and duck the dicks, tits, and dildos flying at your face or will you disregard this expensive, imperfect technology in favor of good ol’ 2D smut? Before you decide, let’s find out exactly what Deep Stars 3D has in store for its members.


Appearing in Deep Stars 3D’s exclusive hardcore scenes are women from the European porn scene, women including Nesty, Celline, and Angelica Heart. The sex is fairly steamy, if a little uninspired, and often gets a bit rough.

New scenes arrive every week and deliver both 3D and 2D versions of each scene. High Definition formats guarantee stellar quality and the 1080p videos are heavy on detail and sport strong colors.

With a variety of 3D viewing options – with 3D glasses on your 3D laptop, 3D desktop, or 3D TV – there’s plenty of ways to get your Deep Stars 3D fix. Those without a 3D viewing option still have the 2D versions, too.


Movies stream in 2D only, forcing 3D viewers to download the large HD files. Before downloading, make sure you can actually play these videos; you’ll need a 3D-ready laptop, desktop, or television. Once equipped, though, you’ll find these scenes haven’t been shot to make the most of the 3D.

Only a dozen scenes are online right now, far too little for most paying porn fans. To top it off, Deep Stars 3D is part of a five-site network, but you’re not given access to the other four sites, all of which hosts 3D content.

All video downloads have been compressed in RAR containers. Why? Well, I really don’t know. They only lessen file sizes by minute amounts, so whatever the reason behind this practice, it doesn’t do much but add another step between the videos and you.

Final Word

With 3D taking over the world of mainstream cinema, porn has some catching up to do. If Deep Stars 3D is any indication, though, it’ll be a while before truly exceptional 3D video is available. The 720p and 1080p videos offered here go in for plenty of penetration close-ups, but seem have missed the memo regarding depth of movement and staging. As a result, these scenes play pretty much like any other 2D porn would, just with a 3D viewing option tacked on. There isn’t much content here, either, only 13 scenes. Weekly updates will keep things growing, but not fast enough for most viewers, I’m sure. In short, Deep Stars 3D has some work to do.

Screen Shots
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